My name is Casey Forbes and I have 8 years of experience building websites. I have lived on the Outer Banks most of my life, except my college years at N.C. State and a short adventure in the Florida Keys. I spend my free time with my family and playing in local tennis leagues.

My journey as a web designer started in 2010 when I moved back to the Outer Banks to be with my terminally ill father. He was a programmer for the department of defense before moving to the Outer Banks and starting his own online medical business. Sadly, he passed away in 2011, which led me to accept his responsibilities at CarePathways.com. Instead of completing my masters in school counseling as planned, I found myself studying Computer Science and learning HTML, CSS, SQL, and programming.

Professional Experience

My involvement with CarePathways taught me valuable lessons. Because I was thrown into web design / development without a formal education, I was forced to learn by doing. I experienced many successes, and on the contrary, the sting of making costly errors. I also learned from my relationships with CEO's of big online brands, medical supply distributors, and many web experts along the way. I even took classes in Computer Science to supplement my expertise, but nothing compares to real life experience! In the end, I am grateful for these lessons because they gave me the knowledge and skills to open Big Fish Web Design.

About Big Fish Web Design

I created this company for small and growing businesses. The first thing every business should have is an attractive website with a special focus on SEO. Then, we can build upon this presence using free platforms such as social media and email. Together, we’ll devise an effective marketing campaign to grow website traffic, social media followers, and newsletter subscribers. Ultimately, the goal is to capitalize on your prospects and turn them into long term clients. Loyal Customer = The Big Fish!

Why Choose Big Fish Web Design?

All-in-one Service
I have a diverse set of skills to build your online presence from start to finish. I’ve worn many hats in my career: web designer, developer, database administrator, security analyst, SEO specialist, content creator, and social media coordinator.

I’ve been through the process of hiring web design companies, and I can empathize with how confusing it is. I’ll make sure the expectations are clear and there is a high level of trust prior to beginning your project.

Fast Turnaround

Once we gather all of the necessary content, it can take as little as 2 weeks to complete your website. We will follow a project timeline to set goals and keep the project on track.

I don't have a team of employees on salary, so I'm able to offer competitive pricing. I will openly explain the costs and work with you to meet your budget.

Let's Talk About Your Project!

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